Rising Tide



A suspense story with romantic overtones, Rising Tide is set in Luminosa - a small feudal-style fishing village on the east coast of Portugal which time, and most of the world, has forgotten. The villagers quietly go about their business scraping a living off the land and from the sea in the old traditional ways. Their life is largely uncomplicated. Or is it? 
Unbeknown to each other, three strangers turn up on weekend, each with the potential to destroy the village.

Leo Shine, a hardened fisherman immune to the perils of deep-sea fishing in Alaska, is convinced that the culprit for the deaths of his father and brother lives in Luminosa.

Piper Pines, a young artisanal fisherman from the North Norfolk coast in the UK, has arrived to find the villager or villagers who have kept her and her father on the run since she was born.

An American racketeer is the third visitor. He has faux investment plans to develop the village as a tourist resort which could result in Luminosa being destroyed.

There are many questions to be answered, not least of which is just why do these simple Portuguese villagers all speak such good English?


-----Fabulous stuff! I love it when an author can immerse me so deeply in characters, their lives, cultures and the places they inhabit. Sue Roebuck throws you only one storyline/lifeline to hang on to while this tale throws you around like a storm-stricken fishing boat.

Following what seem to be an unlikely series of coincidences the characters are forced to unravel the strange story behind them. It’s no mean feat for a writer to put across something complicated so simply and with such clarity.

The sand shifts under the characters’ and reader’s feet, the unexpected happens and one epiphany follows another. Amazingly you still have time to see, feel and smells in such a way you really believe you’re there watching it all happen.

I could go on about this forever but one last thing: One of the main characters has to deal with some serious emotional issues towards the end of the story - and watching her do it is spellbinding.
- Author Gary Bonn

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Genres: contemporary, adventure, drama, romantic suspense

TBR Reviewer: Jean

Rating: 5 stars – A Must Read!

All that career fisherman Leo Shine wants is to be out on the Alaskan waters with his brother and
father at the helm of their own spanking new fishing boat, the Goblin. While working with another crew, Leo learns that the Goblin has been lost, along with his only kin. Clues found in the wreckage speak of contraband and illegal trafficking, something Leo cannot allow himself to believe, setting him off on a journey to find answers and family he never knew, oceans away in Portugal. Piper Pines is fed up with the nomadic, uncertain lifestyle she's led with her fisherman father on England's blustery north coast,
and decides to strike out on her own journey of family discovery.

It's rare when a book makes you really feel like you're there, in the setting of the story. Author Sue Roebuck does this handily.You can virtually feel the waves and water sloshing around your ankles and the sun and wind beating down on your back. I wouldn't categorize this story as a romance, although it's easy
to see that the main characters are destined for one another quite early on. Like the ocean, the currents and swells of the story draw our characters inexorably to the same place and time. It was a treat to be "immersed" in an such an intricate plot, with a bit of mystery to solve along the way.  The length of this book allowed for some great character development and a cast of numerous performers that are memorable enough to not get lost in the readers' mind. I could actually visualize Lili screaming epithets in Portuguese and Etta's outfits that were as colorful as her vocabulary! However, the major player here is the breathtaking, timeless, unforgiving sea. The author's knowledge of the sea, of the locale, its language and industry really comes through in this work and keeps you riveted until the end. That's when you know you have a good book in your hands.

Rising Tides is a great vacation read. Be sure to take it with you on the next boat you catch!

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Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (228 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid
Time, and most of Portugal, has almost forgotten Luminosa, a small fishing community on the Alentejo coast. A cluster of white and blue cottages huddle under the cliffs overshadowed by the great manor of Herdade Albatroz whose family has ruled the village since the days of Napoleon. Far off the tourist route, nobody visits Luminosa by chance.
When a ruthless American racketeer turns up, the peaceful village’s way of life could be ruined forever. But will other visitors–Piper Pines, seeking news of her long dead Portuguese mother, and Leo Shine, bereft of a father and brother accused of terrible crimes–help or hinder his objective to drag Luminosa into the twenty-first century?
Leo and Piper are two special people. One lives in Alaska, the other in Norfolk, England. Leo had been born with a cowl covering his body and he attributed this to his ability to sense storms at sea. Piper could see colours in the sea which defined what lurked beneath the waves, good or evil, food or danger.
Curiosity concerning their missing mothers draw them to a small village of Luminosa in Portugal. Leo is mistaken for an investor in a building proposal but Piper has suspicions he is not as he seems.
Leo and Piper are strong characters and their suspicions of one another can be amusing. Their abilities help the people of Luminosa in their quest to stop the ruination of their village. I felt empathy with all the characters (except for the baddies) and found it a warm and intriguing book which I enjoyed reading. It had highs and lows which kept me engaged with the story and mystery which meant my curiosity as to the outcome was kept alive at all times.
Although only a sweet romance, the tension between Leo and Piper was definitely the main draw of the story and I eagerly continued reading to see what the outcome would be. I would definitely read another book by this author.