Monday, July 12, 2010

Christine London's advice for newbies

If you're an about-to-be published author (like me) or you still have to go down that bumpy road from finishing the book to publication, take a look at author Dawn's blog and her interview with Christine London:

It's a great guide for all of us. If you are about to embark on trying to get your freshly-written book published, all I can say is, "Good luck and have a ton of patience."  And if anyone tells you that they had their book accepted by the first agent they submitted it to, they've either sold their soul or are £§€**£ lucky (I personally tend towards the former).


  1. Thanks for the referral, Sue. And, yeah...they probably have sold their soul. ;)

    Now there is always the one in ten million story on which we all rely. (Just like kids shooting hoops in the school yard think they'll be the next Kobe) Always best to prepare, say I, for the more likely realities.

    Thanks for your 'vote' of confidence and best of luck walking your path to publication.

    Christine London

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