Sunday, August 01, 2010

Publishing seen from the other side of the table

Most of the blogs I follow are written by publishers or experienced authors. Much as I enjoy their posts when they attend conferences, they are, of course written from their point of view.

So how refreshing to read Carol's experience at the RWA and the insights and learning that she's gaining from attending. Check out this enthusiastic lady's blog here:

I wish we could hold a conference like this here. How about a nice little trip to Portugal for next year's RWA venue? Lovely sun, food, people...


  1. Thank you, Sue! :) You're so sweet to post this here! I wish you could have gone, too. Maybe next year? It'll be in New York City!!

  2. Ooh NYC. OK, I could do NYC.

    You were so enthusiastic, I just felt I needed to share it.

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