Friday, October 22, 2010

On the publishing circuit

As you know now (and you should because I've been pushing it like mad) my new novel, "Perfect Score" has been published. Awe-Struck Publishing do send it out to hundreds of places for promotion and reviews but the author is expected to have his/her own platform too, fair's fair.


A blog (ahem - like this one) makes part of a platform. But the problem with a blog is, how do you get people to follow you? Yes, I know you can read - and follow - as many blogs on the subject as you can possibly find in a day and make intelligent remarks in the comments section. But that doesn't mean a thing, except you get jelly-brain after 24 hours at it. You see, people just do not automatically follow you back - to tell you truth, people hardly ever respond to your comments either. You can write on a variety of subjects (ahem) and attract all kinds of readers that way. That doesn't seem to have worked either. Perhaps it's the subjects... Never mind, I'll keep plugging away - chin up, that's what I say.

Other instruments for your platform are taking part in: Facebook (Sue Monte) and Twitter (suemont) and writers' sites (Litopia). Then you can pimp away like crazy until everyone's sick of seeing your name and skip over you.

Do I sound disheartened? Not at all because... can guest-blog. So to all my wonderful, much loved and coveted followers: here's a delightful blog from today:


  1. I like your blog and just adore the pictures. I'm doing the same thing, Sue, trying to get my name out there and follow suggestions along with some of my own crazy ideas!

  2. Thanks Dawn - I'll check out your ideas!

  3. Congratulations Sue. Your blog is neat, I love the picture of the sheep!

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