Thursday, October 07, 2010

Promotion and a Free Book!

The work's not over yet. My publisher, Awe-Struck Publishing has sent the book for review all over the place, but I'm trying to get it into the public domain too.

When I was writing, I read everything I could on and off the net about technique. When I was querying, ditto. Now I need to know about marketing. So we're off again...I'll let you know when I'm more experienced about the process.

To start off, I'm a guest on Carol Rose's lovely blog today: Moonlight-and-Roses blogspot (

In the blog mention there's a free copy of "Perfect Score" going. And just how do you get it? By answering this very easy question:

Question: Why do you think I called this blog "Lauracea"?

First correct answer either here or on Carol's blog by Sunday 11th October will get the PDF version.


  1. Commenting here only to tell you how much I love the new look of your blog!

  2. Thank you! I think I got inspiration from Ambreen's request for feed-back on hers.

  3. Your blog looks lovely :) Let us know about all the promo work. Read your interview on Moonlight and Roses and felt relieved to hear how often you'd changed aspects of the story. It made me smile that you and your husband send eachother e-mails though you sit close enough to touch :D

  4. Thanks Ambreen. 27 versions, 27 synopses(?), God know how many blurbs, 30 rejections, 2 acceptances. Crikey.

  5. Célia3:30 pm

    Because you have been in Madeira and really fell in love with the ancient laurels? (you can tell i have no idea really :)

  6. Ooooh, Celia - I think you're close!

  7. It's your real name, Laura Cea. Your actually a spy in disguise trying to infiltrate Litopia for reasons known only to you...

  8. OK! One real and the other funny. I'll send a book to both of you. Let me have your emails Celia (you can send message on Twitter) and Emma (send message on Litopia).

    Well done. Blogpost coming...

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