Sunday, March 06, 2011

New Review Blog

All authors are looking for reviews - go on tell me you're not.  This new review blog which looks as if it's heading for great things just reviewed "Perfect Score" and gave me an author spotlight without any begging letters whatsoever!

This is a romance that isn't really a romance, if that makes sense. It's about family life, coming of age, responsibility and finding your place--the romance is almost secondary, and at many points in the book I read and wondered how, and if, the romantic resolution was going to come about. It does though and in such a beautiful way. Honestly, I can't express just how well written that resolution is!

Centred around Alex and Sam Perfect Score tells the story of two people struggling to make sense of life and themselves in the 1960's. Ms. Roebuck writing style clearly expresses this time period, and though it was a little tricky at first to get used to the language she uses, I soon got into the saddle so to speak.

The characters of Alex and Sam are wildly different and this difference is perfectly (excuse the pun) shown throughout the book. You find yourself wondering who has it hardest of the two, Sam with his dyslexia or Alex with his evil uncle. Either way the characters are complex enough to grab your attention and keep it there. I'm still not sure who I liked the most. Sam seems the obvious but Alex grows on me with each reading (third time now).

I'm not going to give away the plot--I hate it when that happens--but I will say that the author has created something here that is a long way from the romantic norm. This is no easy read, the story, in many places, is so complex that you have to give it your absolute attention, each page must be carefully devoured before the next.

Again, no spoilers, but there is more than enough conflict to keep you on the edge and the author pulls it all together by the end of the book. Breath held I flipped (electronically of course) through the last pages, fists clenched, hoping to get the ending I wanted.

Ms Roebuck does not disappoint and I would urge you to buy this book and add it to your keeper collection.

It can't be anything less than 5 hearts.

All I can say is WOWZA (definitely destined for great things, that site).

As you can see, is I'm not above a bit of bragging. Well you have to sometimes, don't you?

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