Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm an expert at procrastination and always on the look-out for stuff that will stop me writing (insecure? moi?)

Thanks very much to The Golden Eagle's blog (isn't that a nice name?) for showing me how to get out of work for a couple of hours.

Yes folks - these drawings were done by ME. But on an online painter programme which is freeeee. You can see I'm happy today.

Any other tips for procrastination all gratefully accepted and tried out.


  1. I saw her post this morning - I'll have to check out that program.

  2. Oh cool!!! I think a little procrastination is good for the soul:)

  3. Thanks Alex and Lindsay. It's a great little time-waster.

  4. I love the paintings! :)

  5. Thanks Golden Eagle - yours were better, very minimalist. Mine (as in everything I do, including this blog :)) are packed to the limit with paint and splashes and stars until you go dizzy.


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