Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J = Jump, Joy and Jaded

Don't want to depress the hell out of you, so Jump for Joy because Spring is here! Yay!
Even in a warm climate we appreciate Spring because the place is covered in flowers which'll dry up pretty soon in the summer.

However, today I'm feeling a little jaded so I'll skip a long post because I feel like this: 

Back tomorrow full of the joys...


  1. The pics are really cute..lol. Hope your day picks up!

  2. We all have those days. Love the squirrel, Looks like me after a party.

  3. Yes, we all do have days like that, but thanks for taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment on my blog today.

  4. Hi April, Siv Maria and Karen - great to see you here. My day's already picked up and, btw, Siv Maria - that squirrel IS me!

  5. Hey sue!
    thanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind words of encouragement. The good thing is, I had so much fun making the video (have you watched it yet? :) ) that I completely forgot about feeling sad about my rejections.

  6. That sheep has some spring!
    And sorry your collection of books keeps growing...

  7. Love the pictures! :)

  8. The squirrel picture made me laugh, as we have them in our road! Spring has arrived and it's lovely to see all the birds and leaves back on the trees.

    Glad to have found you through the A to Z Challenge.

    Ellie Garratt

  9. Hi Nutschell - brilliant video on your blog.
    Alex - you're not sorry one little bit! (And neither am I)
    Me too Golden Eagle.
    Ellie, great to meet you too. I hate mice and rats but I love squirrels. Strange...

  10. I just discovered your blog through A-Z, great to meet you!

    Love these pictures, so cute.


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