Thursday, April 14, 2011

L = Lauracea

A tangled web indeed. But I don't try to baffle folk on purpose. Honest.

Is it my fault I get such frowny-faced remarks (frowny-faced..?) as: 

"Why are you Sue Roebuck on Facebook, suemonte on Twitter and your blog's called Lauracea?" 

"Hey Laura..."

My name's not Laura.

See, I'm not just a gentle soul who adores writing and dissing her pals when they're not in the room, I also love my dentist who bruised my cheek yesterday, and nature.

There. You happy now about the reason the blog's called Lauracea? No? Are you sure you're paying attention here or are you examining that splat on the wall?

OK - I'll explain...

Imagine a verdant landscape (we're waxing lyrical here). The only sounds are trickling water, rumbling waterfalls, chirping bis bis from a little bird that's been accompanying you along the forest track and ____ (fill in the space for the noise it 
makes) of a big old crabby lizard that's hungry for chubby little bis-bird.

Fog swirls through the thick canopy of bright green fleshy leaves way above you and moisture drops onto gynormous heather bushes and Lily of the Valley trees (yes, trees - do keep up).
If you're hungry, eat some bilberries or blueberries - that should keep you running tomorrow.

Now if that doesn't pep you up, take a look ahead - yes it's a long-toed pigeon. You won't find them any other place in the world except here, and my theory for that is they probably feel safe from the despicable bullying by normal-size-toed pigeons.

So where are you? The laurel forest of Madeira Island, that's where. And Lauracea? That's the name of the species that all these marvellous, endangered, protected-by-UNESCO plants belong to.

Actually, I have to confess to a little matter here, not a vital one, but it should be pointed out nevertheless: the correct word's Lauraceae, but I made a mistake when I set up this blog and left the "e" off the end.


  1. Very cool! I was aware of your name, you being an author and all, but was wondering about where the name for your blog-name came to you from. I like it!

  2. I was thrown by the Sue Roebuck thing, but I also knew Lauracea(e) was latin for some plant species, because I used to work as a naturalist (which I'll probably blog about for N). Nice to meet you..whatever your name is. :)

  3. Thanks April - now you know (even if it's spelt wrong :)

  4. Ha! L.G. Glad I confessed about the wrong spelling, otherwise you'd have picked me up on it (stands on naughty step) Thanks for commenting

    Sue R.

  5. Whats in a name anyways? Whatever your name is I just like reading your blog :)

  6. Thanks Siv Maria - I like your blog too!

  7. Well, now it all makes perfect sense. Thanks for the explanation and I hope your cheek heals soon.

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  8. LOL Langley - you're the only one who picked that up!

  9. I had been wondering about "Lauracea"--it's a great name! :)

  10. Now you know, G.E. :)


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