Saturday, May 14, 2011

Authors Promoting Authors

Here's a novel idea. I discovered this site a while ago:
and was tickled by one of their promotion incentives. It works like this: send your book details (blurb, cover and links) to them and they will feature it on their website if you, in return, host another of their follower's books.

So here's the one I'm hosting today: 
A Questionable Hero, a novella 

Cover by Tara at Fantasia Frog Designs 
Born of a mortal woman but raised in Hell by the demon that sired him, Abdamas is a Halfling—proof incarnate of the war between good and evil that exists in each of us. Shaebiel is an angel warrior earning her ultimate salvation in Heaven by fighting demons like Abdamas who are in search of human souls on Earth.

In the heat of a raging battle , Abdamas sees Shaebiel and wants her. When the blade of another demon aims for her, Abdamas is injured himself trying to save her. Shaebiel can’t believe a demon has rescued her from certain death and takes her questionable hero home with her to heal him.

As they both fight and surrender to their desires, the conflict around them continues, and there is Heaven and Hell to pay for their actions. Through divine intervention they are offered a gift. But Hell is nowhere near finished with either of them, and the stakes are getting higher and higher.

Can a questionable hero sacrifice enough to redeem himself in the eyes of Heaven so that he may claim the love of an angel? 

Genres: Urban Fantasy (Angels and Demons), Erotic Romance
Adult Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic Language and Violence

Author Website:

Kiki Howell ~where love is a mystical thing~ 
Please visit to see all available titles!


  1. Wow. Interesting premise.

  2. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Great idea.

    I don't have a published book to promote yet, but an exchange like this makes a lot of sense for when I do start.

  3. Kehworthfiles - start promoting before the book is published! Right now would be great. It makes life much, much easier when publication date finally comes around. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for having me! The APA Back To Our Roots is wonderful :)

  5. Thank you Kiki - it's a great way of promoting. I wouldn't have heard of your book otherwise and now I'm really intrigued :) (Also a nice way to meet other authors)

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