Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elizabeth Mueller is gearing up for the Big Day!

Join Elizabeth Mueller in her celebration the entire month of July for Darkspell’s release this fall!

The darkness sends his followers, the Watchers, to haunt Winter Sky, but Alex Stormhold battles to keep her safe from the prowling evil. Rather than being dragged into the dark's destruction, Elizabeth Mueller will provide a way for you to protect yourselves.

These are the *talismans that you could win:

Nox Arcana's Shadow of the Raven for the FIRST WEEK

Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry: 12"X 17" for the SECOND WEEK

Dragons Sculpture Bookends: 4"X5"X8" for the THIRD WEEK

My favorite: 13" tall. Dark Shadows Lamp for the FOURTH WEEK

Here's how to enter so you can avoid the Shadoweaver's clutches:

It is your chance to haunt the resident bloggers that are hosting Elizabeth Mueller for the week. Go here to answer the questions posted into the contact form every Saturday

*** The links above will only go live on June 28 - so don't click them until then LOL


  1. She's giving away some great stuff!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! :)

  3. Sue, thank you SO much for your writerly LUV! *HUGS*

    Hi, Alex--yes, I am and I'm not keeping any of it for myself---wa! :(

    Golden Eagle--I can't wait!

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