Monday, August 15, 2011

A New Author Worth Watching

Watch out all you famous authors at the forefront of m/m hot fiction - there's a new boy in town!

Tristram's first novel, "On My Knees", has been swiftly followed by a real corker: Lorenzo il Magnifico
Although Luke has an art-history degree, he's working in a call-centre in Leeds. Mundane indeed but he's expecting life to take a turn for the better as he leaves on a short holiday to Florence. Where he meets vibrant Lorenzo.
Although Luke was only seeking holiday excitement, the attraction between the two men is instant. But Luke's holiday is only a week long - will it just be another wham-bam-thanks-for-the-memories-and-here's-your-hat type of romance?
I hoped not because I was rooting for the two heroes. Characterisation in Lorenzo il Magnifico is impeccable: Luke comes over as an authentic young man from Leeds who is in desperate need of a stroke of luck. And Lorenzo? Well, suffice to say he lives up to the title of the book.
Florence is portrayed in perfect detail which made me believe that the author knows his way around there like a second (or possibly first?) home. If you're yearning for the feel, sights, sounds and smells of "off-the-tourist map Florence", then look no further: Lorenzo il Magnifico provides it in bucket-loads. 
A delightful read all round, in my opinion, and if you're a lover of well-written, steamy, m/m romances then I recommend Lorenzo il Magnifico (which really should carry the warning to turn your air-conditioning on as you're reading). 


  1. Not my style of read, but there are a lot of books coming out right now.

  2. I haven't read Tristram's first one yet - got a list of m/m hist rom to work my way through at the moment - but both are on my TBR list.

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