Monday, October 17, 2011

Can Someone Explain It?

You'd have thought that life should be getting easier, not harder, wouldn't you?
Yet despite the great advances in education, information and technology, we're in what I can only describe as "a helluva financial mess". And I've yet to read anything coherent to explain reasonably why it's happened.
Portugal's budget deficit clocked in at 8.4 per cent of GDP in the first half of the year, much lower than the 5.9 per cent expected of it and we have a financial debt hole deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. So, in order to fill it the Government has announced its austerity measures for next years. And who's getting hit for it? Those in the lower wage bracket and those on pensions.
Um...forgive me for my ignorance, but who got us into the mess in the first place? Surely not those getting punished for it now. And just exactly where did those huge debts originate? Did the pensioners not balance their dwindling bank accounts properly? 
Has nobody thought about those companies who are raking in the huge profits and paying their CEOs a fortune far more than they deserve? What about the tax-dodgers who sail their yachts in the bay of Cascais every weekend?
Surely, in a just society (and I'm sorry if I sound Leninist, but I can't help it) those who make the mistakes should pay for them. But maybe that's just me.
So, who spent all the money? Won't someone tell me?

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