Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm off...Ann Tracy Marr's here

Hello, there, readers. Do you miss Susan Roebuck? Catch her over at Regan Taylor's blog this week. http://regantaylorsworld.blogspot.com. She is doing a blog tour – I am the lucky writer who gets to guest host here this week.

I am Ann Tracy Marr, another Awe-Struck author. I write paranormal Regency romances – Regency because they are set in Jane Austen’s era, and paranormal because King Arthur is no longer a myth, but history. Yes, Arthur was real. He set up the Round Table, built Camelot, argued with Merlin, and did his best to make Britain function as one country. After Arthur died, the Round Table took over running the show for whatever king or queen happened to come to the throne. Eventually, time got around to the Regency era, when mad King George (the one America beat in the Revolutionary War) was falling off the throne and his son, also named George, was named regent. So in my books, the Round Table still runs Britain. There’s a few other changes, most significant being that Merlin’s magic is available.

Since I am doing Susan’s blog, I am at her command. She requests that I tell you five things about me that you do not know. Lordy, lordy, can I come up with five interesting things? Here goes – you decide if I am a bore.

1) I am funnier on paper than I am in real life. Just ask my daughter, who thinks I am disgusting.

2) When I was really little, I scribbled with soap on our neighbor’s basement window. You couldn’t see through the window and I was as proud as proud could be.

3) He was picking on my brother, so I beat him up. I was in kindergarten and he was in 5th grade. The school principal called my mother and said, “Ann was a little tiger again.” Please note she said, “Again.” My mother swore to it.

4) It was me TPing Bob Ash’s house. It was also me sliding behind the bushes so the cop car cruising down the street wouldn’t see me. And it was me falling in the window-well. Naturally, it was me using crutches for the next six or eight weeks while my knee healed.

5) I grew up to have a smidgeon of common sense. Even if my brothers don’t know (or won’t admit) it.

There. You have five things that most people don't know about me. Do I pass muster?

Sue’s second request is that I tell you five things about a pair of my lovers that may not be apparent when you read their book. This is a little harder than the first assignment. Which of four sets of lovers would you like to hear about?

1) Lady Martha and Lord Brinston, who fought the classic male vs. female battle until Martha won and married Brin? That is Round Table Magician.

2) How about Adrian Hughes and Margaret Ridgemont? They were headed for tragedy, having met just before she married James Treadway. Cry your eyes out for two lovers who can never be together… except fate (or something) steps in and saves the day in Thwarting Magic.

3) I like Katherine Scoville and the Earl of Shelton. Alex is so stubborn. If he believed the world was flat, he would insist that Columbus fell off the edge rather than admit the world was round. Ignore the existence of the Bahamas – the world is flat. End of discussion. Thank Arthur that Katherine sticks to her convictions in To His Mistress, otherwise, Alex would end up miserable.

4) Or I can introduce you to Sloane Johnstone and Sarah Frampton, who will show up in Keeper of the Grail.

Vote for number four, please.

Oh, you want to hear about Sarah and Sloane? Good choice. Here they come.

1) When she was young, Sarah and her brother, Richard, were in the nursery, playing knight and damsel in distress. Typical boy, Richard decides the poker makes a dandy sword. Although it is a bit heavy to slay dragons, he brandishes it about while Sarah cringes against the fireplace fender, shrinking from the fire breathing dragon. The coals in the fireplace endanger his damsel; Richard slays the fire and coals roll onto the hearth rug, where they smolder. At Sarah’s alarmed cries, the maid rushes from the next room, still holding a pair of half darned stockings. She picks up the rug and throws it on the fire, where it smokes and makes a dreadful smell.

You don’t imagine their father was pleased, do you? No, Hercules Frampton, never the calmest man, goes through the roof. He is going to tan Richard’s hide--that will teach the boy not to play with fire. Sarah, more alarmed by her father’s anger than by her brother’s attempt to burn the house down, says that Richard was not at fault. It was she, Sarah, who poked the fire and made the coals fall out. So Richard doesn't get whipped. Instead, Sarah has to put in an additional hour of labor per day stitching her sampler.

Sarah learns how to protect her siblings from an unreasonable parent. Richard absorbs – and uses and abuses – the knowledge that Sarah will save him from himself. Sarah has forgotten this incident, but it sets the tone for her relationship with Richard, which has tremendous impact on the plot of Keeper of the Grail.

2) Sloane has not forgotten his lessons in life: he has merely misplaced the tools for using them. His grandfather, a wise old man, recognized Sloane’s solemn nature and taught the boy to enjoy the absurdities that sprout like dandelions in the roses. For years, Sloane used this lesson to keep life light, but when calamity and disaster crawl on top of responsibility and problems jump to teeter at the peak of the pile, he bogs down. Sarah helps him recover the joy.

3) Sarah can hoot like an owl while Sloane can imitate a scared mouse’s squeak to perfection. Think of the possibilities for a game of hide and seek. Regency prim and proper is for public appearances, not necessarily for intimate moments.

4) Sloane hasn’t chased a girl in his life. He hasn’t needed to. If there is anything more attractive than a bad boy, it is a man who oozes power and personality. His first conquest was Laurel Renders, four-year-old daughter of his tutor. To get Sloane's attention, she complained to her father that he dipped the tip of her braid into the inkwell. Not having any self-torturing hangups, Sloane took his whipping like a man and wrote Laurel off as a nuisance.
5) Sarah can sew a button on neater than Sloane, but he can smell cinnamon from twenty paces. It all ties in with their interests. Sarah believes that if you have to do something, you might as well enjoy it. As for Sloane, there is no shame in enjoying sweets.

So there are five things about Sarah and Sloane that are not exactly obvious. What is obvious? Well, here are two people who don't have a lot in common, other than both living in 1814 England. When they hook up, it is for a purpose. It is not their fault that their personalities mesh so well or that great events sprout under their feet. You can't even blame them for the behavior of the Banshee Brigade, but you can applaud Sloane's handling of that feisty clique. Finally, a hero who can manage them! The book is titled Keeper of the Grail. It hasn't been born yet, but publisher willing, that will be soon.

If you are curious about the Banshee Brigade, they parade through every one of my books.

Ann Tracy Marr writes award-winning paranormal Regency romances. To His Mistress, the third book in her Banshee Brigade series, debuts in paperback October 25. Keeper of the Grail is in the works. A computer consultant in the Midwest, Marr lives with her husband, two cats, and plots that bounce off the wall.

Visit her at www.anntracymarr.com

Round Table Magician   Ebook ISBN: 978-1-587496066
Thwarting Magic            Ebook ISBN: 978-1-587496479
To His Mistress               Ebook ISBN: 978-1-587497209
Keeper of the Grail        Awaiting release


  1. Remind me not to pick a fight with "Tiger!"

  2. Fun post, Ann. It was great to get to know you and your characters a little better!


  3. Still under Ann's control, but she's let me out long enough to say thank you - it is a fun post :)

  4. Arthurian legend as history? Sounds awesome.

  5. I hereby challenge Alex to arm wrestling via mouse and mousepad.

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

    Ann Tracy Marr

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