Thursday, December 08, 2011

Another Tireless Champion of Authors

Call me Flabbergasted from now on.

First we met Morgen Bailey, Patron Saint of Authors, ( ) 

I'd now like to introduce you to Elise Rolle, tireless champion of LGBT writers worldwide. Her reviews are legendary and authors can count themselves privileged  to have their work reviewed by her. In addition, every year she runs the much acclaimed and ever-growing Rainbow Awards for LGBT fiction and non-fiction, thus bringing many authors onto the world stage.

The 2011 Rainbow Awards have been announced (ahem, you may see "Perfect Score" on the Honourable Mentions list for General Fiction) and just look at the HUGE amount of categories she has to deal with!

Elise has kindly agreed to visit Lauracea blog in the very near future. So WATCH FOR THE INTERVIEW...  And call me Flabbergasted twice over.


  1. Honorable Mention! That's awesome, Laura.

  2. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Well done, Sue! And I'll be looking out for Elise on your blog :-)

  3. Amazing introduction. Thank you very much for all. Elise Rolle is really honorable personality. I heard lots of things about her.

  4. I've never heard of the Rainbow Awards. I'm excited to come back and read her post in the near future. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Thanks Alex, Kiran, GE! Aviplayer, she's is a fantastic person, I agree. Look forward to seeing you back Ciara :)


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