Saturday, March 17, 2012

Star Wars Blogathon Challenge and a chance to win a book!

I've been tagged again...this time by the talented Golden Eagle. It's all part of the Star Wars Blogathon Challenge (see here).  Apparently, between now and Sunday, March 25  you have to post a 250-words-or-less Fan Fiction Fan Fiction, in which one of your characters from a story you wrote tries to write a piece of Star Wars fan fiction.

As usual, my sticking to rules stinks. In any case, I've chosen Sam from my novel "Perfect Score" (a finalist in the EPIC e-book Awards for 2012. And the winners are announced tonight at a gala banquet in Texas yikes, yikes. Fingers crossed for Perfect Score!!!!)
Where was I? Oh yes, Sam. He's dyslexic and has soooo much trouble reading and writing, poor dab. So, to keep it easier for him, I got him reading, instead of writing. Is that OK? Goody. So, without more ado, here's Sam....

Sam laid down his newspaper and stared at the inky sky dotted with glimmers of stars. He rested his back against the pointy bow of the houseboat and chewed his lip. The river lapped against the hull, the otter munched on a fish, its head on one side as it scrunched on the bones, frogs sang a chorus in the reeds, and Alex strummed a melody that definitely, to Sam's ears, was the start of something big. It was cut off in mid-chord and then Alex's shadow blocked out the sky as he hunkered next to Sam. "What's up?" he asked, his eyes on the discarded newspaper. "Need help?" 

The more Sam managed to cultivate the art of reading, the less it seemed he knew. He shook his head as he pointed at the paper. "Someone called Yobber says..." He picked the page up and followed the words with his finger. "S.Siii..size matters not. Look at me," he took a deep breath, "Jooo...juuu..."

"Judge," Alex said.

"judge me by s..siii...size, do you?"

Alex ran a finger down Sam's cheek. "Well...which bit don't you understand? You might not be as tall as me...but you're not lacking..."

Sam batted at Alex's arm and snorted. "That's not it. Who the hell is Yobber?"

"I think it's Yoda and he's pretty big on words."

Buy Perfect Score here or here

If any of my fabulous followers would like to do a story of their own based on this blogathon, just leave a comment!  

If any of you would like a free PDF copy of "Perfect Score" also leave a comment and I'll do a draw next week!!

And now I'll hand the baton over to Elin Gregory. Let's see her Star Wars Story!


  1. *crossing fingers for Perfect Score*

    Great fan fiction story! :)

  2. Aww, I really like this :-)

    Hope there was a good result last night!

  3. Thank you GE and Sarah! (don't know the results yet...

  4. Thanks Grumpy! - this is all your fault LOL

  5. Yobber *giggles*

    Have you heard yet?

    Also *bounce* I want to do a story!

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