Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z Q as in RockwellesQue

Creative alphabet eh? I'll be interested to read all the other q's about the place today.

About four years ago I toured NewYork Upstate, New England and Massachusetts where, to my delight I discovered the Norman Rockwell Museum. When I'm fascinated by something, I can't let it go. I have to collect and read about anything the person has ever produced. I'd be prepared to spend a year in Stockbridge, trying to discover the secret to Norman Rockwell's stunning talent. His humor had me laughing out loud: have you seen his "Gossips"? Take a look at it here. And his humanity astounded and touched me, especially his Four Freedoms collection: Freedom of speech, worship, from want and fear. They're so relevant today, aren't they?
But to show how much his art touched me, I based one of my main characters from "Perfect Score" on the Freedom of speech painting. When I wrote Sam, I always had a younger version of the man in the painting in my mind. He had the same quiet determination.
If you'd like to see a slideshow of Norman Rockwell's paintings (from the Museum), take a look at this:
Pick your favorite.
Have you ever been inspired by a painting?


  1. Maxfield Parrish's Ecstacy. Have a big copy of it hanging in my office right where I can easily se it while sitting at the 'puter.

    I do like Norman Rockwell, too.

    Firefighter book, you say? Must. Check. Out.

  2. very much so--it is unusual for me not to feel something when i see a painting i like

  3. Rockwell's art is amazing.
    I'm often inspired by paintings.

  4. Oh must take a look at that one Beverly / thank you. Me too, Lynn. I think so too Lynda!


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