Sunday, June 10, 2012

Best Summer Reading Blog Tour - Regina Andrews

As you know nine authors are pitting their wits every Sunday for the next eight weeks. Today you'll meet Regina Andrews here.
Every week there are PRIZES!!!! And there's a Grand Prize at the end of the tour of a $50 AMAZON gift token (wowza). To win this week's prize, just answer the question at the bottom of Regina's interview and your name will go through for the prize and also the final draw.

Just for information, this week's prize are PDFs of both my books Perfect Score and Hewhay Hall.

Now...onto Regina!!!!

Hi Sue, and thank you so much for having me visit your blog this week! It’s great to be here.

Sue:  Which genres do you write?

Regina: I write Inspirational Romance novels. Usually they are about 60,000 words in length and always, always have a happy ending ;-) But the story is filled with ups and downs and emotions. One of those is faith, which plays a huge role in each of my books. Also, my books are a bit unusual for romances since there are three main characters instead of two: we have the hero and the heroine, but then we have God added in as well.

Sue: Do you read the same genres or are they different?

Regina: I do read to stay current with what’s out there and for enjoyment as well. I really love medical thrillers, too…but they tend to keep me awake at night!!

Sue: Tell us what you're reading at the moment and what you think of it.

Regina: Right now I’m reading “Winter Solstice” by Rosamunde Pilcher, a beautifully-written, thoughtful book. Amazing talent!

Thanks again for having me, Sue!

Buy Regina's new book Glory of the Heart here

PRIZE TIME!!! Here's the question (answer in comments please):

Name any one profession that is mentioned in the blurbs of ANY of these books:

Next Stop of the Tour: Sharon Poppen's blog 


  1. Hey, I really liked this interview. Regina sounds like she has a truly inspirational style. I tried to click on the links, but my computer is being super slow. But based on the title I'm going to guess that Perfect Score is written about at least one musician. Am I close?

  2. Hewey Hall involves a fire fighter.......I enjoyed the interview!

  3. It's nice to meet you, Regina. Medical thrillers would keep me up at night since they are sometimes so realistic! Heyway Hall has a firefighter.

  4. HI Angela, Edith and Brinda! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy my books :-) Susan, thank you so much for hosting me this week - I know we are going to have a great time! Your blog is awesome. Best, Regina

  5. Gina - loved how you stated that you have three characters including God!

    Susan - Firefighter in Hehway Hall, and nice interview questions!

  6. Thank you for posting Angela, Edith, Brinda and Tyrean. Your names will go through at the end of the week and then your names are picked from a hat (by a cat, apparently!!!).
    Hi Gina! It was a great pleasure.

  7. i love that title and the nice cover!

  8. I only read books with HEAs. It's a must for me. I like the cover.

  9. singer/songwriter in Perfect Score

  10. Hi Regina,
    Have you read any of the Mills and Boone Medical romances? They are all the rage in UK and seem to now be spilling over into Harlequin America. There a wonderful author of them--Lynne Marshall--who I read whenever she has a new offering.I am reading her "Courting His Favorite Nurse" right now--from Harlequin. (Why does Harlequin insist on still using those cheesy titles?)
    My two pennies for the summer reading cause. lol!

  11. Hewhay Hall, Fire Fighter.Thank you for the interview and contest. Have a nice summer.:-)
    Deb P

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone - I'm sending those that answered correctly through to the Big Hat and winners will be announced!!!

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