Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Fun Writing Exercise...

taken from www.morguefile.com
...and it's all thanks to author and authors networker Jennifer M Eaton. Some time ago she instigated an exercise called, "Write a Story with Me" and since I can't resist a challenge I signed up (here are the rules). 

The story started and those who had signed up at the time took turns to carry the story further. You have to look at it: the twists and turns, and different writing styles!!! I think it's going to be a never-ending story personally.

But what I enjoy is the challenge to pick up a Young Adult (yes...me, writing YA) story and try in 250 words to carry it on. But I love it.
It's my turn this week so do take a look: you'll find it on Jennifer's fun blog here. And my talented friend and published author Elin Gregory (who isn't exactly a Young Adult writer herself) is taking the reins next week. I'm can't imagine where she's taking it, but can't wait to see it.
I thoroughly recommend this as a writers' exercise, especially if it's not your genre, because the poor old brain really has to go into another dimension. And, of course, cutting the word-count is always a challenge. This is a hint...if anyone else would like to start up a similar exercise, I'm with you!


  1. Siv does something on her site that's similar, but it's gibberish. Coming up with something good would be much more challenging!

  2. So she does, Alex - I remember writing something on there.

  3. Hey Susan,

    Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for signing up for what we are now nicknaming "AlexFest."

    Looking forward to reading your entry :)

  4. Thanks Mark - that's a great blog fest. I'm looking forward to it too

  5. This looks like fun, will have to check it out and if yuo want a writing challenge, son't forget about Minnie and Gibberish this friday and all through the week-end:)

  6. Hello Sue - I've done one of these and they are equally stimulating and challenging. Looking forward to following it.

  7. What a fun exercise! I definitely need to go check it out.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  8. I really enjoyed reading your story Susan! I especially loved your last line!

  9. I remember during the A-Z challenge last April, Jessica Slayer had something to this effect where people would continue the story by adding a sentence in the comment box and she'd pick the best sentence. You're right, it is a good exercise and forces you to stretch the imagination.


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