Monday, April 01, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge: A = Award

my award
I wasn't going to, I promise. But I couldn't resist. My main theme of this year's A-Z Challenge will be based on aspects of Portugal that a tourist generally doesn't get to see (because my new novel is set in Portugal).

But today is Award, as in book awards. 

Reviews help sell books but awards do too. One of the most prestigious in the digital world is the EPIC Annual e-Book Award (often known as an EPPIE).

In 1998 when most people were laughing at the idea that an ebook could ever exist, let alone be popular, EPIC (the Electronic Publishing Coalition) was founded. Its membership has grown substantially since that time and comprises people from all walks of the publishing industry. Its mission is simply to promote ePublishing. To see more, take a look at their website:

Besides the eBook Annual Awards, EPIC runs other annual awards:

I have been a judge for the eBook Annual Award and I thoroughly recommend it as a rewarding and interesting experience. Here's why:
  • You can choose how many or how few books you want to read and which categories. You can't, obviously, be a judge in a category in which you've entered one of your own books, nor can you be a judge for a book that is published by any of your own publishers. You also shouldn't judge friends' books if you come across one (obviously), which is unlikely since you are assigned the books to read in whichever categories you've chosen.
  • You can decide how many rounds you want to judge. There are hundreds of judges, although I never knew who my fellow judges were. And there are three rounds: the first is where the judge reads the first three chapters only to see whether a book should go onto a second round (you can read the whole book if you want to, but you only judge the three chapters).
  • There's a second round to decide on the finalists - and here the judge will be reading some great books.
  • Finally, there's a third round to decide on the winners.
  • If you're a finalist in your category, you receive a certificate.
  • If you're a winner, you receive a nice trophy (see above) which is awarded and announced at the EPIC annual conference which lasts several days in which participants attend workshops, book fairs and presentations by major professionals in publishing.
So, far from being a popularity contest, this is one of the awards that judges a book on its merits.

(Ahem, I won one this year :-)  )


  1. congratulations! I had no idea these existed... will take a look into it

  2. I know I've said it before, but a big congrats! This is a perfect way to start of the A-Z blog challenge :)

  3. Congratulations. If I ever finish a book I'll try to remember.

  4. Congrats to you!!!

  5. Anonymous1:32 pm

    :D Well done Sue! And thanks for explaining how the award works.

  6. Congratulations!! And I didn't know you were a judge. What an honor.

  7. Once again, well done!

  8. Wonderful, Sue! And well deserved.

  9. Congrats! It must be fun to be a judge.

  10. How awesome is that? Both that you won and that you were a judge. Someday I'll have to enter one of my books into something like this :)

  11. that's wonderful to be chosen as a judge. My mind boggles at the excellent e books out there and the horrid "publisher" books out there. E books generally get a bad rap and they shouldn't

  12. Congratulations with winning the award. It is definitely very well deserved.

  13. Yay!! So awesome. What a great award. And I look forward to reading about Portugal. :)

  14. Thanks Lu! Portugal's coming up :-)

  15. Well deserved, Sue. 'Hewhay Hall' is a brilliant book


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