Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My Reviews

My blog is destined for writers and readers. I write about publishing and writing, but I mostly post books reviews - with author interviews if possible.

I'm an avid reader, probably getting through two to three books a week. You'll notice that my book reviews are either four star or five star and the reason for that is: I only post reviews that are of that category in my opinion.

I also read many books I don't like but I just see no point in reviewing them by giving them a two or three star review. Some may say that the author would benefit from constructive criticism, but I have my reasons for not reviewing them: 

  • The author spent a long time with much hard work producing that novel;
  • maybe I'm not in the mood for that kind of book (that has happened so often - I've stopped reading a book half-way through because I couldn't be bothered with it and then picked it up again later, perhaps a year or two even, and adored it); 
  • my reading skills might not be working all that well at the time, perhaps through stress.

So, if you think I give four/five stars to every book I read you are sadly mistaken. Any book I'm not fond of will not appear on this blog.

Just to make it clear :-) 

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