Friday, November 24, 2017

A New Book Coming Out - the thrills and the anxiety

I wrote another book.

What a rollercoaster of a year it's been. All published authors will know the thrills and anxiety of the submissions process and then, hopefully, the publishing contract and what comes after that.

I wrote my fourth book and I have been lucky enough to be given a publishing contract by an excellent publisher: Crooked Cat Books. So I'm announcing it here!

A contemporary novel set in the forests just outside Lisbon Portugal. 

Here's the blurb:

Work to impress, dance to express.

It’s a long way to go to create a new life for yourself.

Classical ballerina, Flora Gatehouse, has no choice but to take a risk. Having failed an important ballet audition in London, she moves to a small cottage in a forest just outside Lisbon, Portugal, her only inheritance following her father’s death. 

Soon, Flora is involved in village life, where fate takes a new twist when she becomes attracted to forest ranger, Marco. But they are off to a shaky start.

Can Flora find acceptance in a foreign land, in a magical place that harbours secrets and heartache?

Forest Dancer is available for pre-order now (the ebook) with the launch (which will include the paperback) on 20th February 2018

Buy from Amazon here

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