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Rosie Travers - The Theatre of Dream

Very exciting times. Rosie Travers has a new book launched: The Theatre of Dreams. I've started it and I'm hooked (review to come when I've finished). I asked Rosie a few questions about this very intriguing story (and what a wonderful cover!
Rosie. Welcome. Your novel The Theatre of Dreams sounds fabulous. Tell us more about the plot.
The Theatre of Dreams is a romantic comedy which follows the adventures of an unlikely trio of characters united in their desire to save a seaside pavilion from re-development. Terminally ill octogenarian Kitty Keaton is determined to leave a legacy of beauty, art & culture in her home town of Hookes Bay on the English south coast. She devises an elaborate plan to thwart her step-son’s attempts to sell her former family-run theatre to a local property developer and recruits disgraced musical theatre actress Tara and local architect Dominic to help her out. It was great fun to write, so hopefully great fun to read.
         I've just reached that far in the book. Desperate to read on. What prompted you to first start writing? What was the first thing you wrote?
An illustrated piece I wrote at infants school about a multi-coloured creature called Fred who lived in a cave was held up to the rest of the class as a perfect example of story-writing. I think that’s probably where it all started from. I’ve always had a vivid imagination and scribbled lots of stories as a teenager but my hobby was put on my hold when I started working full time. It wasn’t until I left the UK in 2009 to follow my husband on a work assignment overseas that I found I had time on my hands again. I started a blog about ex-pat life and rediscovered my love of writing.
Do you plot your novels in advance or allow them to develop as you write?
I definitely don’t plot anything – I start off with a character and the story evolves from there. I usually have a vague idea of how things will end up, but I’m open to suggestions, especially as the characters develop and begin to tell their own stories.
I tend to write like that too (I think a lot of us do) If your main character came to dinner, what would you give him/her to eat?
If Kitty came to dinner I’d give her very little because she eats like a sparrow.
And what would the conversation be about?
The conversation would inevitably be about Kitty. She is used to being in the spotlight. She’s a natural performer and all-round entertainer. I don’t think anyone else would get a word in edgeways.
Did any novel inspire you?
The Theatre of Dreams wasn’t inspired by a novel – but a place. Whilst out walking along the seafront at Lee-on-the-Solent on the Hampshire coast, I noticed a sign commemorating the spot of an art-deco entertainment complex and observation tower that had been demolished back in the early 1970s. There really isn’t an awful lot to do in Lee, and it struck me that if this building had been preserved the town would be quite a different place altogether. My imagination started working over-time and the idea for The Theatre of Dreams was born.
What is your favourite book of all time?
My favourite book of all time is Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I just love everything about it –the setting, Barcelona, which I’ve visited a few times now, combined with modern history, romance and mystical intrigue . Plus it’s a book about the magic of books. Perfect!

I haven't read Shadow of the Wind. Must broaden my repertoire. But I'll finish Theatre of Dreams first! Thank you Rosie - and good luck. Wishing you many deserved sales.

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