Forest Dancer

Forest Dancer

Susan Roebuck

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Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite
Forest Dancer by Susan Roebuck is an interesting story with wonderful characters, a story that fans of Polina will adore, beautifully crafted with characters that are genuinely flawed yet decided on bringing out the best in themselves. Flora Gatehouse has just recently lost her father, but she has also suffered a devastating blow in her career; her failed audition that sees her moving to a small cottage in Lisbon, Portugal, the only inheritance left to her by her father. Follow her story as she embraces the life of a small village with its dark secrets, and falls for the forest ranger, Marco. But can she totally become part of this little hamlet and can she ever reconnect with her dream to become a principal ballerina? 

It’s hard to find writers who explore the feminine emotion so beautifully and who write about it in a way that allows the reader to feel the characters and to care so deeply about them, but Susan Roebuck has achieved this. Her writing flows sweetly, filled with emotionally rich passages that explore the tension in a searching heart. The dialogues are wonderfully crafted to read like real conversations; they are intelligently written and provide great excitement for the reader. The characters are real, each crafted with a solid background and a lot of humanity. Yes, the characters are so real that you ache for them and care about what happens to them. The story is fast-paced and it has intense moments of conflict that hold the reader spellbound. Forest Dancer is an entertaining story that keeps the reader turning the pages nonstop. I read it through the night.

Catherine Cavendish on GoodReads:
Portugal - which has been the author's home for many years - is, from what I remember, a sunny place with an amazing, rocky coastline where the Atlantic Ocean batters the shore, the food is fresh, delicious and plentiful and the countryside has an air of magic about it. In Forest Dancer, Susan Roebuck has captured that magic perfectly. The forest of the title is under threat from fracking and sabotage. Newly arrived classical ballet dancer, Flora, soon finds herself in the thick of a campaign to save it. But there is a lot more going on under the surface in this apparent backwater, lying so close to the busy capital city, Lisbon, but seeming almost to exist in a different world.

Flora is staying in a cottage owned by her late father and she quickly finds herself involved in a mystery surrounding a woman called Dina and her sick child called Raquel. Is Dina what she appears to be? Can Flora save her child?

Flora is also drawn to the forest ranger, Marco, and here things become increasingly complicated. Flora has some potentially life changing decisions to make and, meanwhile, the forest weaves its beauty and magic all around her.

I felt this beautifully crafted novel weaved a spell and it hooked me. I could almost taste the deliciously fresh food and feel the sun on my face. The trees, and the ethereal presence that dwells within their midst, is haunting and magical and I didn't want this story to end. Full marks for an excellent read.
Heidi Catherine on GoodReads
This was a beautifully crafted tale about the magic of love, whether it be romantic love, sisterly love love between friends or even love for a bird who bites you on the nose! The story has moments of pain blended with moments of happiness and is told with great skill. The author's style is a pleasure to read and I knew from the first page that I was going to really enjoy this book. I've never been to Portugal, but after reading Forest Dancer I feel like I have - and now I want to go there for real.

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