Hewhay Hall



2013 Epic Award Winner for Best Horror 

An unsung hero's destiny—Slater's house of horrors. 

Fire-fighter Jude Elliott loses part of his leg trying to rescue a family held hostage during a terrorist attack. He journeys to mysterious Hewhey Hall, where it is told there are wondrous, magical cures. Little does Jude know that his destination is Slater The Prince of Envy's lair where demons reside and courageous souls are tormented... Can Jude escape Slater's house of horrors, or will he suffer for all of eternity?


I read this very quickly indeed, it's a fast-paced, gripping read and the characters are well-developed and interesting. I particularly loved the voice of the younger teen protaganist; her phrasing and very individual character comes across as genuine and natural. The married couple at the centre of the story face their own difficulties, separate from one another, which is always a great way to tell whether they stand up as characters in their own right. These do! The story is unusual, dark, and extremely compelling ... hard to close the Kindle!
A satisfying, well-told tale, and one which has persuaded me to buy more from this author.
- Author Terri Nixon


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