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A little bit about me:

Born and raised in the UK, but now living in Portugal, I'm a published author who is also addicted to reading beautiful books. My mind's always a-bubble with ideas for new books. 

My Books:

Published by Crooked Cat Books on 5th October 2018

A Contemporary Romance / Suspense set on the Portuguese island of Madeira

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Blurb: By standing up for his principles to save the life of a prize racehorse, farrier Joseph Barnaby loses everything. Now, a personal vendetta has become too deep to fight, and he escapes to the island of Madeira where he finds work on a small farm only accessible by boat. The balmy climate and never-ending supply of exotic fruit, vegetables and honey make it sound like paradise but, for Joseph, it’s the ideal place to hide from the world.
Can the inhabitants of Quinta da Esperança, who have more grit in them than the pebbled beach that borders the property, help Joseph find his self-worth again? And can he escape the danger that draws ever closer?


Published by Crooked Cat Books on 20th February 2018

A Contemporary novel set just outside Lisbon, Portugal.

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Words from some of the reviews for Forest Dancer:
"I’ve just read an amazing book and wanted to share it with everybody.
Forest Dancer by Susan Roebuck is very special" https://jaymountney.wordpress.com/2018/03/17/forest-dancer-a-review/

"Such an enjoyable novel. I didn't want it to end!" https://www.amazon.co.uk/Forest-Dancer-Susan-Roebuck-ebook/dp/B077PQ3127/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520686637&sr=8-1&keywords=Forest+Dancer+Susan+roebuck

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 (EPIC - 2012 FINALIST in MAINSTREAM category)
reissued by the publisher in 2017

 (EPIC - 2013 WINNER in the HORROR category)